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If you're not using secure components, your applications aren't secure.

Sonatype makes it easy to build trusted software and keep it that way over time. Learn why your reliance on open source components may be putting your applications at risk - but it is an easily avoidable risk. Sonatype Component Lifecycle Management (CLM) helps developers leverage open source components while minimizing security, license and quality issues. Developers can go fast and use safer components from the start with intelligence built into the tools they use everyday. Sonatype CLM is a great way to augment your application security tools with component-based security. When coupled with DAST and SAST, CLM helps assure that 100% of your application is secure, including the 10% that is written and compiled and the 90% that is downloaded and assembled using open source components. Sonatype CLM can be used to meet OWASP, PCI and FS-ISAC recommendations for avoiding vulnerable components, to name a few.

Nexus Lifecycle

See how Sonatype's Nexus Lifecycle (formerly Sonatype CLM) helps you ensure the integrity your components at every stage of the software development lifecycle.

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