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November 2015

Topics include Did you wake up to an alert about the Java Deserialization vulnerability?, What’s up Doc(ker): Nexus Repository Manager v3 Milestone 6 Release, Who Let Security into DevOps?, Nexus and SSL, Premium Private Registry for Docker.

May 2015

Topics include 15 Ways Infosec Pros Turn Tech Talk into Business Language, Artifact Listener: New Update Pushed, Software Supply Chain Automation, Improving NuGet and Nexus Performance - Recommendation and Nexus, Continuous Delivery and Reference Architectures.

April 2015

In the past month, we've published over 20 new articles, including technical pieces such as Improved Releasing with Maven and Git by Sander Brienen, Why do code reviews? by Jamie Whitehouse, The Intersection of GitHub and Sonatype Nexus with Matthew McCullough, Free Continuous Integration Platform at a Glance by Jordi Cuenca and Jenkins to Nexus with Git Polling by Arun Gupta.

January 2015

Topics include Dibbe Edwards - DevOps and Open Source at IBM, Case Study: DevOps in Complex Enterprise IT Environments, How to Find Known Vulnerabilities in Open Source Components within your Applications, Real World Project: A Migration Roadmap from Artifactory to Nexus and Free On-Demand Training: Nexus Professional and Smart Proxy.

December 2014

Topics include Free On-Demand Training: Nexus Professional and Smart Proxy, How to Find Known Vulnerabilities in Open Source Components within your Applications, Ban Avoidable Risks and Rework with Open Source Components, Rubyists Rejoice - Nexus Supports RubyGem Repositories and Overseeing Remote Developers? Don’t Even Try.

October 2014

Topics include 7 Questions to Ask Your Development Team, Nexus OSS Meets NuGet, Great SaaS Products for Your Open Source Project, Five Steps to Securing Your Use of Nexus and Webinar: See the Sonatype Product Roadmap Revealed.

July 2014

Topics include Nexus Live with the Atlassian Developer Team; The Nexus Staging Suite - Free Training; Nexus Best Practices Class; AppSec USA Denver with Derek Weeks and Joshua Corman; and Securosis Analysis of Open Source Survey Results.

May 2014

Topics include 4 Open Source Components You Need to Update right Now; Nexus Live: Damon Edwards present RunDeck with Nexus Professional; How CLM Makes CVE Data More Useful; and The Sonatype 2014 Engineering Summit.

April 2014

Topics include Nexus 2.8 release; Nexus Live: Meet the Engineering Team; Nexus Two-Minute Challenge; 4th Annual Open Source Development Survey; and Nexus Best Practices Training Class.

December 2013

Topics include the Top Ten Nexus Highlights & resources; such as product releases; Nexus Pro CLM Edition; Nexus customer survey; Nexus working with Puppet & Chef; Nexus open source projects; Nexus Live; Nexus training; demonstrating the value of using Nexus Professional; Nexus support site assets and the free book "Repository Management with Nexus."

November 2013

Topics include integrating Nexus in the DevOps pipeline; extending the Nexus ecosystem; new Nexus 2.7 "Go-to Guide for Nexus Repository Management and Nexus Live: Installing Nexus with Chef.

October 2013

Topics include the Nexus Pro survey; Nexus guest blogger invitation & opportunity; simplified releases to Central; Nexus Live; Nexus Webinar Series: Speed and Control for Modern Development.

August 2013

Topics include Nexus Pro CLM Edition; Nexus 2.6; Nexus Pro Trial Guide and Installer updates; a clever way to share your love for Nexus; Nexus Live, Nexus build promotion enhancements; Nexus and Maven training and "Insider's Only" product secrets.

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