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From Dev through Delivery: optimize your entire software supply chain

Less Unplanned Work

Avoid known security vulnerabilities, restrictive licenses and other quality issues in open source, 3rd party and proprietary components.

Fewer Break-Fixes

Reduce your maintenance and attack surface area. Reduce breaches & break-fixes.

Faster Remediation

Quickly identify & patch undesirable components across your SDLC. Be alerted of newly discovered vulnerabilities.


W. Edwards Deming gave us Lean, Agile & DevOps. Further accelerate continuous delivery with proven supply chain principles.

Speed Delivery

From development through deployment, you can centralize, store, version and manage all component parts, assemblies and finished goods.

OSS Governance

Integrate up-to-date software supply chain intelligence and policy management into popular dev tools.

Nexus solutions and technologies

Modern development relies on a software supply chain of open source, 3rd party and proprietary 'parts' which comprise up to 90% of a typical application. By using fewer & better suppliers, the highest quality parts and tracking what is used and where, you can avoid unplanned work, reduce context-switching, and eliminate unnecessary security & license risk.

Repository Management Software Supply Chain Automation

Repository Manager

Full-featured component warehouse & distribution manager

IQ Server

Software supply chain intelligence & policy management

Key Integration Points

Additional Integrations

Repository IDE CI Server Staging / Release SonarQube Command Line (CLI) Custom (API)

Repository Manager: Parts Warehouse & Distribution

Every supply chain needs a warehouse & distribution. So does software development. Our trusted repository management technology is used by millions everyday to efficiently store, share & deploy components, assemblies, Docker images, finished goods & more.

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IQ Server: Component Intelligence & Policy Management

Avoid unplanned work, break-fixes & security/license risk. Our IQ Server technology powers our Nexus Firewall, Lifecycle and Auditor solutions with up-to-date component intelligence and automated policy enforcement so you'll use fewer & better suppliers, the highest quality parts, and track what is used & where.

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Integration Points: Prioritize What You Need & Where

Our solutions can be tailored for any organization and priority. A wide variety of integration points deliver IQ Server component intelligence and policy management where you need it most - from development through delivery and in production.

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For years, we’ve focused on making code re-use easier and faster:

  • Maven revolutionized the way software is built.
  • Central Repository opened up open source to the world.
  • Nexus Repos manage and control all the build bits.
  • Nexus Lifecycle improves software quality for everyone.
  • Altogether, the Nexus portfolio brings supply chain optimization to software development.

Accelerating software development is in our DNA. Maybe that’s why 6X more developers use Nexus.


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