Nexus Lifecycle Fundamentals

Course Overview

The Nexus Lifecycle Fundamentals Workshop, formerly Component Lifecycle Management (CLM) Quickstart, gives you the knowledge and practical instruction to get started with Nexus Lifecycle. This one-day workshop gets your team up to speed quickly, allowing you to achieve initial success with Nexus Lifecycle. You’ll explore the key elements of Nexus Lifecycle deployment, basic policy creation, and SDLC integration. Upon completion, your team will have the foundation to deploy Nexus Lifecycle in your enterprise and will be on the path to open source component governance.

Key accomplishments:

  • Conduct complete installation - including in the IDE and CI
  • Apply and review Sonatype sample security/licensing policies
  • Review scan results and generate actionable findings
  • Consume and mitigate Nexus Lifecycle results in the IDE
  • Configure Nexus to perform Nexus Lifecycle analysis
  • Outline long-term goals for component management

Format: Classroom, on-site or online. Custom also available

Detailed Nexus Lifecycle Fundamentals Outline

Module 1: Getting Nexus Lifecycle Installed

  • Getting Nexus Lifecycle up and running
  • Scanning your first application

Module 2: Policy Basics

  • Applying policy to your raw scan data
  • Creating your first set of policies

Module 3: Nexus Lifecycle & IDE

  • Installing and configuring the IDE plugin
  • Consuming and mitigating Nexus Lifecycle results in the IDE

Module 4: Nexus Lifecycle & Build/CI

  • Integrating into the build
  • Getting the CI plugin installed and configured

Module 5: Nexus Lifecycle & Nexus Repository Manager

  • Configuring Nexus to perform Nexus Lifecycle analysis
  • Deploying to Nexus staging

Module 6: Data Triage and Policy Tuning

  • Creating actionable results
  • Policy management
  • Creating policy exceptions

Module 7: Long Term Nexus Lifecycle Strategy Considerations

  • Long term goals for component management
  • Enforcement actions and notifications

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