Nexus Repository Health Check

Explore one of the most popular Nexus Repo features

All versions of Nexus repository managers include a Repository Health Check feature. With Nexus OSS you can get summary data about the components in your repository, including the number of known security vulnerabilities and known restrictive licenses. With Nexus Pro and Nexus Pro+, you can see more detailed information, including the specific components and attributes as shown below in the tour.

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Sample Nexus Repository Health Check Summary Panel
Sample Nexus Repository Health Check Security Vulnerabilities Panel Sample Nexus Repository Health Check License Analysis Panel
Sample Nexus Repository Health Check License Analysis Details
  1. Summary Panel

    Get an overview of the artifacts that have been analyzed in the selected repository and the number of security and license alerts detected.

  2. Security Vulnerabilities

    Quickly see the breakdown of vulnerabilities based on severity and the threat level it poses to your repository.

  3. License Analysis

    See the number of licenses detected in each category and the number of conflicting licenses.

  4. Full Breakdown

    Dig deeper for a comprehensive license and security analysis.

  5. Component Lifecycle Management

    Sonatype provides a complete lifecycle management solution that spans the entire development process.


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