Why build known vulnerabilities into your software, then spend even more time to get them back out?

Open source is at the center of today's software and is essential for innovation and efficiency. But is all open source a safe source?

More than 58 million vulnerable components were downloaded last year—even when safer versions were available. In a recent survey, 33% of organizations had or suspected an open source-related breach.

Up to 90% of an application is assembled using open source and third party components. Considering the potential for vulnerabilities to creep into your organization, this "software supply chain" has become the new perimeter.

Protect your application empire by using only trusted component versions. May only the best open source be with you!

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More than 70% of all applications have Common Vulnerability Types (CVTs) like these.


Known security risk. A vulnerable component that is also very popular.


Known security risk. A vulnerable component that many other components depend upon.


Known security risk. A vulnerable component with a security vulnerability from many years ago.


Known license risk. A popular component with neither a declared nor observable license.


Known license risk. A popular component with a declared license but no confirmed license.


Known quality risk.A popular component that hasn’t been updated in more than 5 years.

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Meet six of the worst offenders. And there are thousands more. Track them down with an Application Health Check.

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In just two minutes, get a complete Bill of Materials and an analysis of potential risk.

Inventory all components and identify risky component versions in any application.

Two minutes, really!
In just a few minutes you will get a complete inventory of all components in your chosen application and identify any known security, license or quality risks.

What will you find?
With 58.1 million vulnerable components downloaded last year, be forewarned—there are more than just six bad versions. We will help you find any and all.

If not now, when?
When was the last time that work was this much fun? Let’s get the seek and destroy party started.

Curious? Get started.

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