Community Contributions

At Sonatype, we’re serious about our contribution to the open source community and have a long track record of putting our money where our mouths are. We are deeply involved and make significant contributions to both the Eclipse Foundation and the Apache Software Foundation. A sample of our open source investments and contributions include:

SSL Support for All Repository Managers

Sonatype leverages standard SSL support to provide a secure connection between the Sonatype Central Repository and Nexus. As supporters of the Central Repository, Sonatype has also made SSL support available to other repositories. This capability is available for a nominal donation that will be contributed by Sonatype to help support open source communities.

Donating Maven Indexer to the Maven Project

The Maven Indexer started its life as the Nexus Indexer and has been integrated into every major Java IDE to help users find Maven dependencies efficiently from Maven repositories. Some might argue that we should have secured the competitive advantage by keeping the Maven Indexer within Sonatype. Instead, we decided to donate this code to the Maven Project.

Improving Repository Management with Nexus

Repository management is now a critical aspect of Maven-based development and we've helped make this easier for everyone. Most OSS forges around the world use Nexus Professional to manage their artifacts, and we are now supporting almost 1,000 OSS projects on Nexus OSS. We help everyone get their artifacts into the Central Repository efficiently through Nexus and that helps the entire Maven ecosystem.

Enhancing The Central Repository and Nexus Ecosystem

The Central Repository is the industry’s repository for open source components. With millions of developers relying on Central, Sonatype takes our role as its steward very seriously. Sonatype has invested millions of dollars to ensure that the infrastructure is rock solid. In recent months, we have contributed a new European mirror site, project statistics capabilities, and an intuitive search interface for users. We will continue to invest to advance the Central Repository and extend its value to the open source community.

Moving M2E to the Eclipse Foundation

m2eclipse has rapidly become one of the most downloaded plug-ins for Eclipse. Over the past several years, Sonatype has enhanced m2eclipse and moved it to the Eclipse Foundation. Sonatype is currently working on the internal architecture of m2eclipse, adding tests and preparing the path forward which means the integration of Maven with the rest of the Eclipse ecosystem. M2ecliplse is currently slated to ship as part of Indigo in June 2011.

Investing in Maven

The future of the Maven ecosystem requires a solid foundation, so for Maven 2.0 and 3.x we have invested heavily in testing, applied fixes for multiple issues and transitioned from Plexus to Guice, improving flexibility, performance and creating an architectural path for future innovations.

Giving Back to the Guice Community

We've been moving components to Guice for years and have spent a significant amount of time making and giving back improvements to the Guice community. We answered the call to provide a Maven build for Guice 3.0 RC2, working with Guice developers to ensure that the Maven build was identical to what was being produced by Ant. No small task, but this is what the lead Guice developers required so we did as they requested. The end result: We have a process in place that allows us to build and deploy Guice to the Central Repository.

Collaborating with Tycho

Before we started working on Tycho, running a headless, automated build for an Eclipse project was almost impossible. Today, Tycho is being used today to build popular Eclipse plugins like the JBoss IDE, the Scala IDE and Mylyn. Tycho is mature and stable, and we're currently focused on rounding out the documentation. Is Tycho a proprietary tool created to give Sonatype advantage over a captive audience? No. It is open source and we collaborate with a large and healthy community. We have donated Tycho to the Eclipse foundation.

Solving HTTP Client Woes with AHC

HTTP transport is fundamentally important for almost everything Sonatype does so we created an Async HTTP Client (based in Trustin Lee’s supberb Netty framework) that addresses costly HTTP problems that were negatively impacting our users. We are grateful to Jeanfrancois Arcand and Ning, where this work was started, and are happy to provide it to the community under the ASL 2.0.

Sonatype Contributes to the Following Feeder Repositories:

  • The Apache Software Foundation
  • Codehaus
  • Alfresco
  • ExoPlatform
  • Glassfish
  • Open QA
  • Scala-Tools

Visit the Sonatype Blog to learn more about our longstanding connection and contributions to the OSS Community.

Igor Fedorenko "In 2008, I was extremely reluctant to "reinvent the wheel" when Jason van Zyl asked me to look at adopting a Maven-based build solution for m2eclipse. Three years and 11 Tycho releases later, I am convinced that any build solution more involved than checkout the sources and running "mvn clean install" is not good enough."
Igor Fedorenko, Software Developer, Sonatype, Inc.