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Sonatype has a long history of accelerating open source usage. As the stewards of the Central Repository, the creators of the Apache Maven project and the distributors of the Nexus open source repository manager, Sonatype has supported the adoption of open source by more than 10 million developers worldwide.

Today, Nexus repository managers are preferred 5:1 over all other brands with more than 50,000 instances worldwide. Nexus Lifecycle (formerly Component Lifecycle Management) has fast become the “go-to” choice for mitigating open source risk by providing continuous governance across the software supply chain.

We’re constantly looking for experienced and motivated people to join our team. Our employees and consultants are committed to making software development infrastructure as efficient as possible by relying on standards instead of ad-hoc methodologies. That’s why we say we are "Transforming Software Development."

Engineering Opportunities

You are tired of just going to work - you want the opportunity to transform the world of software development by working with one of the most successful open source technology companies. You are a self-starter who can be thrown into a situation and given lots of latitude to figure things out without a lot of hand-holding. You have a strong engineering background and experience working with Agile software development teams. You would like to work with other top-notch, cutting-edge engineers who make significant contributions to Open Source projects. You want to work with our highly collaborative, fully distributed engineering group.

We are always open to talking to star performers about potential opportunities. So if you are tired of just going to work and want the opportunity to transform the world of software development, you should be talking to us! If you want to work with one of the most successful open source technology companies while receiving a competitive salary, flexible hours and medical benefits, you should contact us today.

We’re very interested in talking with Java experts who are passionate about transforming the way open source software is consumed, have strong server-side experience and are eager to work in a highly collaborative distributed development environment with other world-class engineers.

No 3rd party/agency inquiries please.

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Other Career Opportunities

DevOps Consultant with Nexus Focus

Enough with the corporate-speak in job descriptions. Sure, we're looking to expand our team with 'passionate' and 'driven' people, but would you really be reading this right now if you weren't? If you’ve reached the point in your career whereupon reading, "DevOps Consultant," you thought, "hey, that sounds right up my alley," you are probably pretty darned passionate and driven. Anyone else need not apply. Learn More.

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